Blanchard says Brooks received ‘liberal loot;’ Brooks says her campaign ‘getting zero traction’

U.S. Senate candidate Lynda Blanchard today called on U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks to return almost $2 million in campaign contributions she characterized as “liberal loot” because she said it came from organizations that support liberal policies. Brooks did not say whether he would return any contributions but said he was disappointed that Blanchard had resorted to what he called “false, deceptive, and personal attacks.” Blanchard, a businesswoman from Montgomery, and Brooks, the congressman from Huntsville, are running for the Republican nomination for the seat held by Sen. Richard Shelby, who is not seeking another term. The Republican primary is one year from today. “A 40-year career politician like Mo Brooks can easily snap his fingers and make the lobbyists come running with campaign cash, but how committed can you be to the conservative cause if you’re accepting money from companies that support illegal immigration, gun control, and the hoax of transgenderism,” Blanchard said in a press release. “Mo Brooks should be ashamed for courting campaign dollars from RINO Republicans and hardcore progressives promoting the woke, cancel culture movement. “In order to demonstrate that my principles cannot be purchased and my silence on issues cannot be bought, I pledge to refuse any federal PAC dollars that might be offered to my campaign, and I call upon Mo Brooks to return the liberal loot he has happily accepted,” she continued. Blanchard gave these examples of what she said are contributions that contradict Brooks’ stance of opposing liberal positions: $1,000 from the […]

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