Bostelman supports our 2nd Amendment Rights

Our Second Amendment rights are at the foundation of the U.S. Constitution and what it means to be American. For me, it’s the most important issue I look at when making decisions in state and federal races. This election, Sen. Bruce Bostelman is running for reelection. As a gun owner and avid outdoorsman, he understands the importance of gun rights. He’s received the sole endorsement of the National Rifle Association and an A+ rating from them. And there’s a good reason: He led efforts to pass the only pro-Second Amendment bill in the Nebraska Legislature in the last few years. And he’s opposed so-called “red flag” laws that would allow liberals to take away our guns without due process. I’m voting to support Sen. Bostelman’s reelection, and I hope you will too. Remember: Our right to bear arms is on the ballot, and it’s on us to show up and defend them this fall. Terry Kriz Brainard

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