Broken America’s debris is spread everywhere

Broken America's debris is spread everywhere

Every week we appear to reach a new low but the wake-up call that rock bottom usually represents is somehow too elusive for us as a nation to grasp. Take a recent week for example, which began with people who oppose President Donald Trump resorting to accosting members of his administration in public. This behavior has been encouraged by some Democratic leaders. It doesn’t seem like a leap to think that encouraging people on your side of the political spectrum to harass your political opponents could easily escalate from harsh words to fisticuffs or worse, especially in today’s America. But those Democratic leaders who are encouraging this behavior from their supporters aren’t anywhere close to apologizing or de-escalating their rhetoric. They point to the behavior of Trump himself, who’s encouraged violence against hecklers at his political rallies. And let’s face it: If some conservatives had shouted obscenities at Obama administration officials during that president’s time in office, we highly doubt there’d be calls for civility coming from the right. Rather, there would be lots of high-fives and praise among red state Americans. But the harassment of Trump officials seemed tame compared to the attack on a Maryland newspaper that resulted in five journalists being killed by a shotgun-wielding lunatic. The gunman wounded several others before being arrested by police. It’s true the shooter had been upset with the newspaper for years and had even posted his desire to do harm to the journalists there on social media. But still, […]

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