Brumbles: State gun bills are a Marxist's dream

Brumbles: State gun bills are a Marxist’s dream

Gun Rights

‘The despots … are doubling down on their masters’ effort to steal your rights.’ We did a lot of good things in our county last election cycle, but the radical left learned nothing and really doesn’t care. So far, after creating 10 taxes last year for $1 billion, there are already 30 new taxes waiting to be voted on. Corrupt Gov. Kate Brown and crew never invented a tax that they didn’t love and believe that you can squeeze blood from of a turnip. What is even worse than stealing your money is that even though eight more counties passed the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance, the despots ignored this grassroots plea and are doubling down on their masters’ effort to steal your rights with, so far, 15 new gun bills waiting in the same halls. These illegal bills are a Marxist’s dream. Some of the initiatives in this first round of anti-rights legislation include making magazines that can hold over five rounds illegal; requiring a license to buy ammo along with a background check for the same; a redefinition of "assault weapon" to include most commonly owned firearms; several bills to raise the age to purchase or own firearms to 21; a bill to allow corporations to sell only to people 21 or older if they wish; a 14-day wait; mandatory lockup and liability; a law to discourage ranges; a preemption statute so that every city and/or county can have different laws; a restriction on the sale of firearms […]

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