Burgess: Commissioners are right to not make Ross County a gun “sanctuary”

Correspondent Thankfully, the Ross County Commissioners wisely decided not to drag us back to a lawless time, when men with guns do whatever they want, and everybody else just has to get out of their way. That’s not the Ross County I have come to know. I moved here with my little family back in the ‘80’s, and up to now I haven’t wanted to live anywhere else. We left Columbus, in part to keep our kids safer from the drugs and guns we experienced there. I’m glad they didn’t vote to make Ross County a “Gun Sanctuary,” where no one feels safe. I’m not somebody who wants to take away our right to “keep and bear arms,” as the 2nd Amendment provides. My dad was a gun collector, and a long-time member of the NRA. I served in the U.S. Army and achieved the grade of “expert” with the pistol, which we carried. But as an old history teacher, and an old guy in his 80’s, I remember a lot of things many didn’t experience. I remember the national and personal devastation we felt when JFK was killed by an angry malcontent with a rifle, in ‘61. Then the shootings of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, in ’68. These were inspirational leaders, assassinated in the prime of life, their leadership and their beautiful lives cut short by bullets from angry guns. 1970 saw the shooting of unarmed students at Kent State. In ’72, the shooting of Governor […]

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