CALDARA: Waiting period for guns? …abortions?

CALDARA: Waiting period for guns? ...abortions?

I enjoy target shooting. I’ve had my eye on a 9 mm pistol manufactured by a company called Springfield. When I went to buy it, I found it was banned in Colorado. The online retail site posted, “not for sale in California or Colorado.” Does that speak volumes on where our state is going? So, I turned my attention to a pistol by the classic gunmaker Walther, a model PPX, only to find it is also banned in Colorado. Ruger has a new “American Competition” 9 mm designed for, duh, competition shooting. Looks like it will be banned in Colorado. A few minutes on the internet and I found the same is true of pistols from Wilson Combat, Remington, Kel-Tec, Arex, F&N, Taurus, and scads of small designer brands. I’m sure there are dozens more. Now there is nothing all that special about these pistols. They work and function like most all others. The only difference is that their magazines hold more than 15 rounds of ammunition, a violation of the silly anti-gun law former Gov. John Hickenlooper signed. We were promised at the time that this magazine limit would never ban guns. I supposed that’s true in the same way banning batteries doesn’t ban your kid’s toy. But without the batteries the toy is only a doorstop. Same with a pistol without a magazine. There might be some after-market, 15-round magazines that could fit some of these guns. But a police officer would never trust her life to […]

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