California’s New Laws Coming Into Effect for 2023

California's New Laws Coming Into Effect for 2023

For California the beginning of each new year sees an array of new laws take effect having been passed by the state legislature then signed into law by the governor, currently Gavin Newsom . Newsom could have an eventful year with insiders tipping him as a possible Democratic Party candidate for the 2024 presidential election, especially if Joe Biden decides not to seek a second term. Recent polls suggest Americans do not want to see another Donald Trump vs Biden contest. However, critics of Newsom include Kimberly Guilfoyle , his former wife who is now engaged to Donald Trump Jr., who earlier this month insisted the governor “ain’t making it to the White House.” General view of the Hollywood sign on a hill above Los Angeles, California. Hundreds of new laws will take effect across California in 2023. During 2022 just under 1,000 laws were approved in California and are set to start impacting the lives of state residents across a wide variety of topics. Newsweek has gone through the new legislation to highlight some of the most notable. Minimum Wage Increase The Californian minimum wage is set to increase to $15.50, thanks to the SB 3 (2016) legislation. Companies employing more than 15 people will also be required to include pay scales in job postings. Those with 100 or more employees will also have to send pay data to the state government, showing “the median and mean hourly rate for each combination of race, ethnicity, and sex within […]

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