Cam Edwards hits CNN’s loose ‘mass shootings’ definition: ‘As broadly defined’ as gun control advocates want

Cam Edwards hits CNN's loose 'mass shootings' definition: 'As broadly defined' as gun control advocates want

‘Second Amendment sanctuary’ declared in Utah county 00:00 00:0005:28GO LIVE Facebook Twitter Email Embed SpeedNormal Autoplay CNN reported there have been "at least 45 mass shootings" in the past month since the Atlanta spa killings last month as part of a wave of recent digital and on-air coverage hyping the country’s "epidemic of mass violence," leading to pushback from gun rights supporter and journalist Cam Edwards. The liberal network acknowledged it had crafted its own definition of the term in a report that on-air anchors also shared. But Bearing Arms’ Edwards is among the experts pushing back at that arbitrary definition. The veteran Second Amendment journalist and gun rights supporter presented a set of numbers that puts the state of the U.S. in a different light. "The phrase ‘mass shooting’ has no specific meaning, and can be as broadly defined as gun control activists see fit," Edwards told Fox News on Monday. "What we do know is that, starting last year the United States reversed a 20+ year trend of lower violent crime, and that trend has continued into 2021. Violent crime was declining in this country even as the number of privately-owned firearms increased over the past two decades, and while the anti-gun movement inherently believes that more guns equals more crime, we know that’s not the case." Yet CNN editor-at large Chris Cillizza shared a piece over the weekend arguing that the FedEx massacre last week is the latest proof that the U.S. is a danger zone, […]

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