Can Minnesota improve its ‘C+’ gun safety grade?

Can Minnesota improve its 'C+' gun safety grade?

A lot of Minnesotans believe our gun safety laws leave something to be desired, but experience hasn’t made them hopeful for a change. Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune You’re not allowed to keep one where you know a little kid could get her hands on it. You’re not supposed to have one if you’ve been convicted of certain crimes, or if you’re a domestic abuser. We also have regulation — just some — on assault weapons and gun dealers. And as far as outcomes, we’re doing pretty well. Minnesota has the eighth-lowest gun death rate in the nation at 8.2 deaths per year for each 100,000 residents. (The national average is 11.9.) But as the Giffords Law Center states in its annual report , there’s more we could be doing. We don’t, for example, require universal background checks or permits to buy a gun. Nor do we have laws against large capacity magazines, or purchasing guns in bulk. This year, the center gave us a C+ for our gun safety efforts. Wisconsin, right next door, got a C-. Meanwhile, both of the Dakotas got Fs. Only eight states, including California and New Jersey, were A material. It’s not glorious being a C-student, but it’s not for lack of trying. Last session, Minnesota legislators sought two new gun safety laws: one to fill in the gaps in our background check system (think buying guns at gun shows, from a friend, or online) and another to create a process to temporarily remove […]

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