Can Republicans hold on to the Senate majority? Here’s how Democrats could win control from the GOP.

Can Republicans hold on to the Senate majority? Here's how Democrats could win control from the GOP.

WASHINGTON — Republican control of the U.S. Senate is in jeopardy Tuesday, with the COVID-19 crisis, the economic contraction that followed and President Donald Trump’s management of both all weighing on Republican incumbents and helping boost Democrats’ path to a majority. There are 35 Senate seats up for grabs, but only about 14 are truly in play. Democrats would need a net gain of three or four seats to flip control of the Senate, depending on whether Republicans or Democrats win the White House. Republicans currently hold 53 seats , while Democrats have 45, plus two independents who caucus with them. Election results in some states could take daysto finalize because of the unprecedented volume of mail-in ballots this election – meaning control of the Senate could remain unclear well past election night. The same is true for the presidential race. Election 2020: All eyes will be on these 6 states on Election Day. Here’s what we know. In the run up to Election Day, the Senate battlefield seemed to favor Democrats, with their candidates leading in polls and in fundraising. The nonpartisan Cook Political Report rated 12 Republican-held seats as competitive, while just two Democratic-held seats were in that category. "Democrats remain the clear favorites to take back the Senate," the Cook Report’s Jessica Taylor wrote in her final preelection analysis. Trump "continues to be a drag" on down-ballot Republican candidates and could "doom" some GOP incumbents, she added. Possible Democratic pick-ups Arizona: This is a top target […]

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