Capitol commissioner: Delay on gun ban is ‘potentially dangerous’

Second Amendment March at the Capitol, Sept. 17, 2020 | Laina G. Stebbins A small historic commission’s decision on whether to ban firearms from the currently unregulated Michigan state Capitol continues to face delays, nearly six months into its deliberations. Even after an elaborate domestic terrorist plot to kidnap and murder Gov. Gretchen Whitmer — and storm the state Capitol with hundreds of armed men — was derailed by law enforcement, not much seems to have changed. Michigan State Capitol Commission (MSCC) member Joan Bauer, a Democratic former state lawmaker from Lansing, told the Advance she was shocked and distressed to read the news on Oct. 8 about the plot — and floored that the MSCC’s meeting, canceled days before, was not rescheduled in the wake of the news. “People think we’re crazy [for not taking action],” Bauer said. “The very revelation that there was a plot to take the governor hostage was just stunning and shocking and dismaying,” Bauer said. “But then when I read that, as part of this, there was a plan for 200 people with guns to storm the Capital and take hostages, I was stunned again, and felt even more strongly that we need to take action to ban guns.” The MSCC’s latest monthly meeting had been scheduled for Oct. 5, just three days before the anti-government extremist plot was uncovered. Commissioner Bill Kandler said the cancelation was due to the panel not having anything on its agenda. That marked the seventh time the […]

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