Cardella: Debate Guide

With the first presidential debate just four days away, here’s your guide to watching the debate. Chapter One — Saving Lives during the COVID-19 epidemic. Mr. Trump is sure to mention during the debate that the restrictions he placed on travel to and from China saved hundreds of thousands of lives. No such evidence supports his claim. It appears that travel restrictions, at most, delayed the spread of the virus, but did nothing to contain it. Trump will falsely accuse his opponent of being against placing travel restrictions on China. Mr. Biden did accuse the president of being “xenophobic” but not specifically in response to the afore-said restrictions. While Mr. Biden appears to be a bit too fond of the word “xenophobic” and has a taste for dim sum, there is NO evidence that he is soft on China. Chapter Two — The Greatest Economy Ever. Mr. Trump will claim that he had built the greatest economy in the history of the world until that damn plague from China came along. The economy was good — not great — for top-wage earners also known as “those folks at Mar-a-Lago.” But low-wage earners still couldn’t dine at Capital Grille. The federal minimum wage has not been raised in 11 years. As for that booming stock market that the president will undoubtedly praise at some point in the debate, only 18.7% of Americans directly own stocks. Only about 56% of Americans own a 401 (k). Let’s not be ungrateful, though. President […]

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