Carroll passes second resolution for gun rights

The Carroll County Board of Supervisors has passed a second resolution aimed at protecting gun rights in Carroll County. On May 13, 2019, Carroll supervisors unanimously passed a Second Amendment Resolution making it a “Sanctuary County” for constitutionally-protected gun rights. While that resolution was made with Carroll County citizens in mind, the board unanimously approved a similar resolution during its Oct. 13 meeting. The resolution was read by Fancy Gap District Supervisor Phillip McCraw during the Supervisors’ Time portion of the Oct. 13 meeting. Supervisor Robbie McCraw offered a motion for supervisors to pass the resolution. Phillip McCraw seconded the motion, which passed 5-0. The resolution follows in its entirety: WHEREAS, in acknowledgment of its deep commitment to the rights of all citizens of, and visitors to, Carroll County to keep and bear arms, Carroll County Board of Supervisors previously declared Carroll County to be a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’, and WHEREAS, certain legislation has been passed in the Virginia General Assembly that allows localities to, by ordinance, ban otherwise lawfully possessed and transported firearms from certain public spaces, causing law-abiding citizens to be exposed to a patchwork of local ordinances as they travel throughout the Commonwealth, and WHEREAS, the Carroll County Board of Supervisors acknowledges the significant economic contribution made to our community by tourists and visitors and does not wish to discourage travel to Carroll County, and WHEREAS, Carroll County wishes to welcome all law-abiding citizens who wish to live in, visit, or otherwise participate in the economy […]

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