Chester passes resolution supporting 2A rights

Gun Rights

CHESTER – The City of Chester passed a resolution supporting Second Amendment rights at its regular council meeting on the evening of Monday, March 4. Mayor Floyd Petri forwarded the resolution to clarify the city’s support for the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution in response to recent efforts in the United States and Texas congresses. The resolution supports the Second Amendment text granting citizens the right to bear arms and to double up on the duty of congress persons to fulfill their “Oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.” The resolution begins with noting how several bills and ordinances have been proposed and passed throughout the country, and they consider “all laws, bills” supporting “Gun Control and/or Red Flag Laws” as infringing “upon the people’s right to keep and bear arms.” The council unanimously passed the resolution that “any form of Gun Control and/or Red Flag Laws to be a violation of an elected official’s Oath of Office.” For restrictions, the U.S. House Judiciary Committee just passed H.R. 8 that would criminalize the private transfer of guns—even the loaning of a gun to a neighbor—and HR 1112 that enhances background checks. Both bills will head to the full House, and both are expected to fail in the Senate. In Texas, HB 131 forwards a Red Flag law, HB 1164 would restrict open carry in larger cities, HB 1207 would criminalize a failure to report a stolen gun, and HBs 1236 and 1173 will allow […]

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