City council declares San Clemente ‘Second Amendment Freedom City’

City council declares San Clemente 'Second Amendment Freedom City'

The city council of San Clemente, California , voted to declare its city a " Second Amendment Freedom City," though the pronouncement will have no legal ramifications. The resolution was passed by a 3-2 vote on Tuesday after more than two hours of discussion with members of the community, according to the Orange County Register . Councilman Gene James authored the resolution, which was the fourth he’s brought in the past two months to have the city declared a sanctuary for the Second Amendment after other votes were delayed for various reasons, the report said. Councilman Steve Knoblock, who supported the idea, proposed changing the wording to "freedom city" rather than a "sanctuary city." The latter term has been most commonly used for cities that have opted to restrict cooperation with federal immigration enforcement officials and their activities. "The phrase has been hijacked in the last few years," he said. Gene edited the wording to say, "The city of San Clemente is hereby declared a Second Amendment Freedom City and opposes any effort to eliminate or diminish the Second Amendment." The resolution is nonbinding, meaning it will not change local laws and is rather a symbolic gesture that will be sent to the governor and the California Legislature . James told the Washington Examiner the delivery will serve as "nothing more than a notice." Nearly 40 people spoke before the council voted, with 19 opposing the resolution and 18 supporting it. "This will not help businesses. Many have told […]

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