City Council poised to vote on proposed gun ban

WINCHESTER — City Council held a first reading this week of a controversial proposed ordinance that would prohibit citizens from carrying firearms into any city government building, property or event. At Tuesday’s meeting, two people, neither of whom live in Winchester, let council know they are adamantly opposed to the measure that would ban private citizens — even those who have concealed-carry permits — from having guns or ammunition in any location where government-sanctioned activities are taking place. “I am against this ordinance,” Elissa Lueker of Frederick County said in an email to council. “I feel it’s a violation of my rights as an American citizen, and an ineffective solution to the nonexistent problem of gun violence in Winchester city government buildings.” According to the measure currently before council, “this ordinance would prohibit the possession of firearms in all city government buildings including [Rouss] City Hall, the Creamery Building, the War Memorial Building [in Jim Barnett Park], the Department of Social Services building, the Timbrook Public Safety Center and Annex building, City Yards and any other building owned by, or being used by, the city for governmental purposes. It would also apply to any city public park and certain public rights-of-way in connection to permitted events.” Exceptions would apply to sworn law enforcement personnel, active-duty military performing official duties, security personnel contracted by the city, museum displays, historical re-enactors, Senior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program personnel and any intercollegiate athletics programs involving the use of firearms. Violations would be […]

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