Cleaning under the Dome: 'Cherry Frost' caper takes the cake

Cleaning under the Dome: ‘Cherry Frost’ caper takes the cake

Gun Rights

We trust that the State House maintenance crew will give the place a good scrubbing this weekend. A lot of bull got tossed around under the dome last week. The “offense” that Democrats took at a pro-gun group’s raffle was about as believable as pro-gun lobbyist Bob Clegg’s claim that a rifle being raffled was not a poke at anti-gun state Rep. Sherry Frost. Naming the .22 caliber rifle the “Cherry Frost” was pure coincidence, Clegg claimed. House Speaker Steve Shurtleff got in on the act (and we do mean “act”). The raffle was part of a State House rally by the pro-gun Women’s Defense League. Shurtleff cried foul, saying that raffle sales are not permitted at the State House. One could hear the guffaws from blocks away. It gets better. Democrats also demanded that the Legislature’s security investigate the gun-naming as a possible threat against Rep. Frost. This is the woman whose foul mouth has gained her a bit of notoriety and who has written that men telling her to calm down makes her homicidal. Democrats also wondered if extra protection for Frost was in order. That’s the one that takes the hypocrisy prize, since it is the Democrat majority in the House that has banned weapons from the House floor. So neither Frost nor any other woman, or man, in Representatives Hall can properly assist in their own defense. With 400 state representatives, if each one were to claim to take offense at such silly things, the […]

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