Cobb says she thinks assault rifles should be banned but cannot say so publicly in secret video

Tedra L. Cobb, the Democratic candidate running for Congress in the 21st Congressional District, was slammed by Republicans after an apparently undercover video surfaced of her saying she thinks assault weapons should be banned, but she cannot say that. The video was posted by the YouTube channel “Democratic Tracking” and was picked up on Tuesday by the Washington Free Beacon, a national conservative news site. In the video, Ms. Cobb is discussing gun policy with a group of teens who are apparently volunteers. Ms. Cobb discusses an event she attended earlier that day. “When I was at this thing today, the first table I was at, a woman asked, ‘what do you think about assault rifles?’ and I said, they should be banned,” Ms. Cobb said. “And I said … ‘I want you to know, Cindy, I cannot say that in public.’ And she said, ‘well I want you to,’ and I said, ‘I won’t win.’” Ms. Cobb did not make herself available to the Times for an interview, but her campaign did send her statement. “I was meeting with some young people who were speaking about their very real fear of gun violence in their schools,” she wrote. “I told them the truth — that the inability of our political system to talk about issues and practical solutions without politics getting in the way is why Washington has not made any progress to protect them. Even on things we agree on — like universal background checks and prohibiting […]

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