Collier’s House District 106 election: Jersey natives differ widely on best path for Florida’s future

Collier's House District 106 election: Jersey natives differ widely on best path for Florida's future

They’re originally from New Jersey towns a half-hour apart, but that’s pretty much where the similarities appear to end for state House District 106 candidates Bob Rommel and Sara McFadden. "My opponent supports the Democratic platform that wants government to control everything, (and) it’s pretty much right out of Karl Marx’s platform," Republican incumbent Rommel said last month, linking in the Black Lives Matter movement and echoing what was proselytized about the rival party that week by radio commentators Mark Levin and Michael Savage. "Black Lives Matter is a political organization that has Marxist policies. (They’re) supposed to be a non-partisan group, but they only support Democrats." "In four years, the incumbent hasn’t sponsored one bill that changes the statutes to help solve any environmental issue," McFadden said. "He funds his campaign with donations from lobbyists, special interests and corporations. I don’t accept campaign donations from lobbyists, special interests or corporations. I believe in people over profits, families over corporations, and democracy over greed." Rommel , 57, a Red Bank native and restaurant and tavern owner , had just shy of $180,000 in contributions through mid-September, a lot of it from political action committees such as Conservative Principles for Florida, which has been run by former House speaker Jose Oliva, and Conservatives for Rural Florida, led by Rep. Bobby Payne, who’s originally from Palatka. Cigarette and tobacco companies are also included in the public records as well as agricultural interests and organizations identified by Food & Water Watch as […]

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