Colonel Wilkerson not sure military with us in event of insurrection by Trump’s legions

Colonel Wilkerson not sure military with us in event of insurrection by Trump's legions

( Image by Egberto Willies) Permission Details DMCA Forget Plastic Surgery – Do This Instead Michael Moore , Jennifer Rubin , Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson , and Bradley Whitford appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher recently. Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson implied that in a Trumpist insurrection, it is not clear if the military would side with the people. In the video clip , Michael Moore was explaining that many Hillary Clinton supporters were concerned that if she won there would be some armed insurrection because Trump was talking about 2nd Amendment and a rigged the election. He posited that had Trump won the popular vote and Hillary, the electoral college, the civil war would be currently happening. Moore then said he believed there are more of us and that the military is likely to be on our side. When, Maher asked the colonel if he thought "the military is still with us," he gave a fascinating answer. "I got that question from a sitting Senator when we were talking about the war in Yemen," Wilkerson said. "I was trying to talk him into declaring it unconstitutional and getting us out of the damn war. And he sent everybody out of the office. And we talked for a few minutes. And he sort of presented that to me. It was in terms of, maybe a massive loss in the midterms, which I don’t think is going to happen now, but let’s say it did, And then impeachment proceedings proceded with haste […]

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