Colorado's 'Red Flag' Gun Bill Will Soon Be Law, But The Fight Over It Continues

Colorado’s ‘Red Flag’ Gun Bill Will Soon Be Law, But The Fight Over It Continues

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The gold-covered dome on the State Capitol shines in the late afternoon sun in downtown Denver, Nov. 3, 2015. Colorado will soon join the list of states with a so-called "red flag" gun law. It allows a family member or law enforcement to petition a court to temporarily remove someone’s guns for up to a year. It has passed the Democratic controlled state legislature and now awaits Gov. Jared Polis’ signature. Gun control advocates like Rep. Tom Sullivan say HB19-1177 is a much needed win, especially after six years of no action on gun laws in Colorado. A Democrat from Centennial, Sullivan was elected in November and was one of the bill’s sponsors. He got involved in politics after his son Alex was killed in the Aurora Theater shooting. “When the final vote was taken, I just had that moment where, you know, you could close your eyes, take a deep breath, appreciate what has happened, but then you open your eyes and what’s next?” Sullivan said. “I know that there’s more to do. And that’s not the end of the pain and the sorrow, it’s just the next day of it.” Democratic Rep. Tom Sullivan sits in the legislature while wearing his son’s leather jacket. Sullivan’s son was killed in the Aurora Theater Shooting. Once the measure is signed, Sullivan plans to frame the bill and hang it on his office wall. He says it’ll go next to the poster honoring his son and other Aurora shooting victims. […]

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