Colorado's 'Red Flag' Gun Measure Raises Concerns

Colorado’s ‘Red Flag’ Gun Measure Raises Concerns

Gun Rights

RACHEL MARTIN, HOST: Colorado’s red flag gun measure is raising red flags of its own. The law is designed to allow family members or law enforcement to petition courts to temporarily take guns away from people deemed a threat to themselves or others. More than a dozen other states already have so-called red flag gun laws on the books. State lawmakers have passed the bill in Colorado, and the governor there says he will sign it. But some gun rights groups and law enforcement say they just won’t follow the law. Here’s Bente Birkeland of Colorado Public Radio. BENTE BIRKELAND, BYLINE: Even though the gun bill hasn’t been signed, it’s already leading to potential recall efforts and legal challenges, and roughly half of the state’s counties oppose it. Steve Reams is the Weld County Sheriff in northern Colorado. He says the law won’t make anyone safer. STEVE REAMS: Just taking someone’s firearms away and leaving them in place doesn’t solve the problem, in my mind. It could actually make it worse in some scenarios. And we’re kicking the can down the road to deal with the mental health issue. BIRKELAND: A big sticking point for critics is that the burden of proof would be on gun owners to get their firearms back by showing that they’re no longer a risk. Reams says he’s willing to go to jail rather than follow a court’s order to seize someone’s guns. REAMS: In my oath of office, it reads that I will […]

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