Columbia County voters to decide on Second Amendment Preservation’ measure

Columbia County voters to decide on Second Amendment Preservation' measure

Columbia County voters next week will decide on a measure barring any restriction on gun ownership but which opponents say is unconstitutional. Measure 5-270, which its supporters are calling the Second Amendment Preservation Act, would permit citizens to “freely manufacture, transfer, sell and buy firearms, firearm accessories and ammunition.” It would deem unlawful any regulation on firearms from the county, with maximum fines up to $6,000. If passed, 5-270 would place the county sheriff in charge of determining whether any firearm regulations are a violation of the initiative. It would not apply to registration and background check requirements adopted prior to December 2012. The measure is on the Nov. 6 general election ballots in Columbia, Baker, Douglas, Jackson, Klamath, Lake and Lincoln counties. Coos, Wheeler and Wallowa counties already have it. Deer Island resident Chris Brumbles, the chief petitioner for 5-270 and Columbia County Coordinator for the Oregon Firearms Federation, said he is confident the measure will pass in each county. After discussing the measure with thousands of Oregonians, he said he can only recall only three opposed to it. “(Passing gun restrictions) doesn’t affect criminals, it only affects those who have done nothing wrong,” Brumbles said. “That makes it more dangerous.” Brumbles said people in Columbia County will be safer if 5-270 passes because their rights will be protected. He said voters are frustrated with too many gun laws, and if the sheriff does not enforce the initiative, "we will find a way to get a different sheriff […]

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