Column: Changing Second Amendment Is An Uphill Battle and Idle Threat

In an article published in the March 21 edition of The Pilot, it was reported that about two dozen Moore County citizens attended the March 16 Board of Commissioners meeting seeking a statement to expand on the previous support by the board for gun ownership. This was expressed by the commissioners in a meeting early last year, wherein the board adopted a resolution vowing “to use every authority and power of the county to defend and protect the rights of its citizens to bear arms.” The article goes on to describe the views of many in attendance on this issue. One resident went so far to say he is “uncomfortable living right now.” Others spoke with equal hyperbole, nearly all without basic facts about the Second Amendment or the process needed to alter it. I support the Second Amendment. I also believe the overwhelming majority of gun owners in Moore County and throughout the country are law-abiding citizens who respect their guns and use them safely. I may disagree with one’s interpretation of the language in the Second Amendment relative to a well-regulated militia versus private ownership, but that is not the main point here. Having some familiarity with this issue, I cannot think of a single law the Congress has passed in the last 50 years to restrict gun ownership in any way except for age requirements, mental competency or conducting background checks when guns are purchased from federally licensed dealers; and the overwhelming majority of gun owners […]

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