COLUMN: Sanctuary: A place of refuge or safety?

I wrote a sweeping piece about the Titan clash of forces in the Beltway that a friend described as “Like a battle between good and evil in ‘The Stand,’” with Trump sending minions to disrupt the primaries of Republican incumbents who don’t carry his flag. It was about rumors of Trump’s forming a political party of his own and Mitch McConnell flipping the script on filibuster, poised undecided on Trump’s upcoming Feb. 8 trial, alongside James Inhofe and James Lankford. But I am so fatigued from watching the train wreck mitosis of fledgling radicals with their symbolic gun culture. All I want to do is sample flavors of ice cream and report the results, or let readers know that "Super Woman" is great movie and this week your local cinema would appreciate your patronage. I wouldn’t say the threat of insurrection is over. This week, the incumbent Cherokee County sheriff couldn’t help himself but to proclaim in a Second Amendment manifesto that Cherokee County is a Second Amendment "Sanctuary." I can only hope that is a redundancy to the existing Second Amendment, rather than secret Q-words to the mentally unstable, like whispering, “The Storm is here.” The governor of Texas coincidentally (or not) declared the same of his state, saying, “No government official at any level can come and take your gun away from you.” Recently, the NRA declared bankruptcy and moved to Texas, after being sued for dodging taxes by claiming nonprofit status, since it lobbies and donates […]

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