COLUMN: Sanctuary status protects the law abiding

Recently Cherokee County Sheriff Jason Chennault issued a letter making the county a Second Amendment sanctuary county, which has become a trend of late in many counties around the U.S. Many counties in Oklahoma are already designated as such, and Cherokee County’s declaration is merely another on a long list across the nation. In full disclosure, being someone who fully supports the constitutional rights of all law-abiding citizens, I am in full support of Sheriff Chennault’s decision and applaud him for his leadership in the county in supporting the U.S. Constitution and the rights of the good citizens living in our area. In the letter released by the department, Sheriff Chennault said that by making the declaration, it was his intention “to enforce our citizens’ right to bear arms, as guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.” There are some who say these declarations are not needed, since we are already guaranteed that right under federal law. However, as many gun owners and others will quickly point out, our Second Amendment rights and other rights supposedly guaranteed under the Constitution are constantly under attack, and this action reiterates the fact that law enforcement at local levels are going to enforce their oaths of office in upholding the Constitution and protecting the rights of all law-abiding persons living in their jurisdictions. For gun owners, what has been witnessed recently in other cities and states regarding lawlessness, lack of enforcement, and riots – combined with the draconian laws and […]

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