Column: We shouldn’t allow gun shows on public fairgrounds in California

Column: We shouldn't allow gun shows on public fairgrounds in California

CalMatters Commentary At this point, it’s hard to keep track of the gun violence that is ravaging our country. In 2021, there already have been over 310 mass shootings nationwide and over 17,000 lives lost to gun violence . In Orange County’s 37th Senate District, we have experienced two high-profile shootings, including the March 31 mass shooting at an office complex in Orange, which took the lives of four victims, and the May 21 road-rage shooting in Orange that killed 6-year-old Aiden Leos. No other developed country has levels of gun violence remotely close to what we experience in the United States. But we cannot allow this gun violence epidemic to be normalized. To help address this, I have authored Senate Bill 264 , which would effectively end most gun shows at county fairgrounds in California, because I believe our state must take a stand and remove ourselves from the business of selling guns. Given the research showing that more guns lead to more gun violence , it is morally reprehensible for our state to continue to promote gun violence by allowing the sale of guns and ammunition on taxpayer-owned property. Gun shows essentially are flea markets for firearms and are a primary mechanism by which unlicensed, unregistered and illegal firearms are trafficked through secondary markets. According to research by leading policy organizations , gun shows often create the opportunity to circumvent gun safety laws and are a common venue for straw purchases and illegal gun transfers. Gun shows […]

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