Commentary: Mike Braun plays to the cheap seats

Commentary: Mike Braun plays to the cheap seats INDIANAPOLIS—U.S. Sen. Mike Braun, R-Indiana, has his priorities. He revealed some of them in a couple of press releases his office issued a few days ago. John Krull, publisher, In one of the releases, Braun crowed about how he and a group of other conservative senators had drafted the “Right to Protect and Bear Arms Act.” This piece of legislative lint aims to make it difficult, maybe even impossible, for the president of the United States to declare America’s gun-violence problem a national emergency and impose firearms regulation by executive order to deal with it. “Declaring a public health emergency does not give the Executive Branch the right to infringe upon the Second Amendment rights of Americans to defend themselves and their families, and Congress must make this 100% clear in law so the rights of law-abiding citizens can’t be destroyed through the bureaucratic loophole that is opened by exploiting a crisis,” Braun hyperventilated in the release. As a piece of pandering, Braun’s words and actions are first-rate. As a serious measure, though, they are as devoid of substance as the holes in a slice of Swiss cheese. One of the aftereffects of Donald Trump’s presidency is that the reality TV star turned political potentate demonstrated that millions of people could be persuaded that empty gestures were the same as substantive acts. Lesser lights such as Braun who do not possess Trump’s gift for practicing hokum as a high art think they can copy the act. In […]

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