Commentary: The government isn’t coming after your guns

For a short period last month, gun lovers and NRA members began to circle their wagons. The Democrats were coming after your weapons, infringing on your Second Amendment rights, and finally the government is coming to take over U.S. citizens after they are disarmed. At least that’s what one gun advocate said at the Delaware State Senate hearing recently comparing the state Senate’s action to the days of Hitler and I quote: “Gun registration has always has been a prelude to gun confiscation, and gun confiscation has always been a prelude to, let’s see, just a few minor blips such as the Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide, the killing fields of Cambodia and more recently the socialist destruction of Venezuela. Hitler, Abdul Hamid, Pol Pot,(Hugo) Chavez, (Nicolas) Maduro, those are big shoes to fill indeed.” Then the blockbuster, “I suppose if I were a politician, I might be a wee bit more comfortable with a disarmed citizenry too. It’s sad that you are nervous, but take my word, You will not disarm us.” Where did these bills say anything about disarming your Second Amendment rights? Really, is this what our country has come to? They really think our government is going to disarm its citizens? Trump has pulled some wild ideas, but I don’t think this is on his agenda, quite the opposite. Frank Calio But gun lovers, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The Senate Committee voted not to let the three bills out of committee, and the […]

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