Commissioners not likely to consider gun sanctuary resolution

After hearing Dr. Richard Moss spend about 15 minutes listing issues with the overreach of the federal and state government in regards to the pandemic, the Dubois County Commissioners spent a few moments addressing the push from some residents to declare the county a Second Amendment (2a) sanctuary. While he didn’t address gun rights specifically in his time at the podium, Dr. Moss’s comments eventually culminated on the need to protect the rights of the individuals in the county by affirming the county as a sanctuary for the complete Constitution with a focus on the First and Second Amendments. While the ongoing discussion about gun rights has failed to move the dial further towards achieving the 2a Sanctuary resolution following in the footsteps of many surrounding counties, Commissioner Chad Blessinger noted it has caused a few residents to reach out to him personally to express their opinions. “To my surprise, almost all of those people were opposed to a 2a ordinance or a 2a resolution,” he explained. From memory, Blessinger stated one resident’s statements. “He said, ‘I was a veteran, I was in Vietnam, I believe in Second Amendment rights, This is stupid, there is no reason for it,’” he shared. Blessinger also shared what another resident had sent him. “Our system of government provides a means in which people can dispute whether a piece of legislation is constitutional,” he read to the commission. “The constitutionality of a law should be determined in a court of law; not in […]

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