Concealed Carry Expert Hopes Expo Reaches Both Sides Of Gun Debate

Thousands are expected to file into the Kentucky Exposition Center this weekend for the Concealed Carry Expo, a three-day event organized by the U.S. Concealed Carry Association. The expo features weapons, holsters, gun safes, a firing range and training sessions. Association President Tim Schmidt said more and more people with concealed carry permits are turning to his organization seeking training. “You want people who are carrying guns to be well-trained, well-educated and really know what they’re doing,” Schmidt said. “The more well-trained people that are good guys with guns, there’s just less crime.” Schmidt believes arming teachers or school officials with weapons could further deter crime – an argument that lawmakers pressed after a January school shooting in Kentucky killed two and injured 18. Measures to arm school officials have since stalled in the Kentucky legislature but the gun debate continues. In February, less than a week after 17 […]

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