Connecticut's Supreme Court Rules That Sandy Hook Families Can Sue Gunmaker

Connecticut’s Supreme Court Rules That Sandy Hook Families Can Sue Gunmaker

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ARI SHAPIRO, HOST: Consider your man card reissued. That was the slogan Remington used to market military-style Bushmaster weapons. Slogans like that one are at the heart of the case the Connecticut Supreme Court decided today. The court said relatives of those killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School can sue Remington over its marketing practices. Twenty kids and six adults were shot to death that day in 2012. One of the dead was 6-year-old Dylan Hockley, whose father, Ian, reacted to the ruling this afternoon. (SOUNDBITE OF ARCHIVED RECORDING) IAN HOCKLEY: I can’t say I’m excited by this ruling. I wish it was never here. But what we’ve said from the outset is, all we want is our day in court for the law to be upheld and for a jury to decide our case. SHAPIRO: Polly Mosendz covers the gun industry for Bloomberg News and joins us now. Welcome back to the program. POLLY MOSENDZ: Thank you for having me. SHAPIRO: There is a federal law that protects gun companies from lawsuits. Tell us about the law and why the state supreme court said this suit can proceed anyway. MOSENDZ: Absolutely. So the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, also called the shield law because it shields these gun makers and gun distributors and gun sellers from lawsuits basically that relate to damage done with the products that they have either manufactured or sold, has been a very big deal since it was passed in 2005. However, […]

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