Conoy Township supervisors want to become ‘2nd Amendment sanctuary city’

Conoy Township supervisors want to become '2nd Amendment sanctuary city'

Buy Now Conoy Township Supervisor Stephen Mohr poses with a pro-gun sign on Donegal Springs Road in February 2015. DAN MARSCHKA | Staff Supervisors in a northwest Lancaster County township voted 3-1 Thursday night to have their solicitor draft a resolution expressing support for the Second Amendment and pledging to resist efforts by the state that they believe violate the right to bear arms. Conoy Township supervisors Chairman Stephen Mohr proposed a resolution similar to one passed by the city of Norton, Virginia, that declares it to be a “Second Amendment sanctuary city” and pledges to not cooperate with state efforts to ban certain guns and to pressure county commissioners to do the same. Mohr said Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf wants to pass a gun-control law similar to one in Virginia that has led to a number of rural counties there talking about seceding from the state and joining West Virginia. “We’re saying this is what we believe. If you try and come and take (our guns), we’re going to have problems,” Mohr said. Mohr said Lancaster city would never join in but that Second Amendment sanctuary cities could become a statewide movement in Pennsylvania if other municipalities join Conoy. The dissenting vote came from Justin Risser, who was at his second meeting as a township supervisor after defeating incumbent John Shearer with write-in votes in November’s election. Risser said he supports the right to bear arms, but he did not believe a township should be getting involved in […]

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