Conservatives Need to Rebel Against Wokeism

The United States was founded on the idea of rebellion. Our country’s founding fathers broke away from the British monarchy’s rule to build the greatest nation ever to grace the planet, and it was not because they found shortcuts around liberty or caved to governmental rule. Their entire philosophy based itself on giving the citizens their freedom to individual expression through speech, possession of arms, and the right to worship however they please. This country’s backbone was not to praise authority nor cave when the opposition challenged their principles, but instead took solace in the Judeo-Christian values that they held dear. Many citizens in our country have let our Judeo-Christian values be tossed aside in favor of succumbing to the virtue-signaling nature of today’s progressive movement. We have thrown away important figures and thinkers for the sake of cancel culture. We continue to fall victim to the idea that conservatives are somehow guilty whenever a tragedy happens -such as the Boulder, Colorado or Atlanta, Georgia shooting during late March—because of our support for the second amendment. Republicans, Democrats, and even judges in our justice system have forgotten what the Second Amendment is actually for – fighting against tyranny and self-defense. Meanewhile, the left has continued to use tragedy, whether through Critical Race Theory-based activism or standing on the graves of those killed by a crazed gunman, to help push their Woke agenda. Progressives have fought to keep masks and mandate restrictions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, even when vaccine distribution […]

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