‘Constitutional carry’ bill seeks to eliminate carry permit for owners

Gun Rights

One Georgia House bill is already receiving some attention statewide. House Bill two would amend the state law and allow constitutional carry. Several Coastal Georgia lawmakers say because of the way the bill is written now, they wouldn’t support it. “That one doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell," said State Rep. Ron Stephens (R-Savannah, referring to House Bill two. The bill has already been pre-filed, and it’s already raising some eyebrows among lawmakers. “The way that the bill is written right now, I absolutely would not support it,” said State Rep. J Craig Gordon (D- Savannah). House Bill two calls for constitutional carry. It would eliminate the need for gun owners to get a carry permit and a background check. The legislation says convicted felons would still be restricted from buying a gun. Some opponents of the bill say they support second amendment rights, but say this bill crosses the line. “I want common sense. To not just carry it for any reason,” said Retirees For the Future president Rick Ellison. Ellison says he wants more sensible legislation. “That’s dismantling the whole permitting system in Georgia, and we don’t want that," said Ellison. “Sometimes some of these things don’t make sense. And this is one of those that if amended it has an opportunity. But the way that it is now, it doesn’t have a chance,"said Stephens.

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