Convention of States needed

Sen. Brewer The first session of the 106th Legislature will begin today (Jan. 9). Sen. Steve Halloran will once again introduce a bill concerning the Convention of States. If it passes, this will be Nebraska’s “application” to the U.S. Congress asking that a Convention of States for the purpose of proposing amendments to the U.S. Constitution be called. I strongly support this legislation and will co-sponsor Sen. Halloran’s bill. Two-thirds of the states (34) have to make application to congress for this convention to happen. So far 12 states have done this. Ten more States have passed the measure in one chamber of their legislature. Convention of States legislation has been introduced in another 25 states including Nebraska. The framers of the constitution put two methods in Article 5 of the Constitution so the Constitution could be amended. Our country has used the first method in Article 5 (2/3 of Congress) 33 times to create 27 amendments to the constitution. The process clearly works. The second method in Article 5 is where 2/3 of the States (34) call for a convention to propose amendments to the constitution. Once 34 states have made application, Congress calls the convention (names the time and place). All states may send a delegation to the convention. Amendments to the Constitution are proposed at the convention. Each state has one vote. Amendments voted out of the Convention are sent to Congress to select a mode of ratification, and then they are sent to all 50 […]

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