Could ‘duck and cover’ videos save lives during a mass shooting?

Could 'duck and cover' videos save lives during a mass shooting?

It seems that companies, schools and even the Department of Homeland Security are spending millions to make videos instructing us on how to respond to psychotic shooters. I remember the same sort of instructive videos when I was growing up: atomic bomb videos. Get under something. Get behind something. Arms folded over your head. Crouch and pray. Now, things are different. The enemy is not from a hostile foreign power manufacturing weapons to kill us. The enemy is our American culture — manufacturing weapons, glorifying those weapons, and holding them as sacred as Mom and hot dogs and apple pie. Why not spend millions on mental health instead of on videos to deal with gun-toting malcontents? Will it take the shooting of lots of gun-loving politicians and/or their families to get realistic about the Second Amendment? — Susan Haley, Chicago Submit a letter to the editor here or email .

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