Countering Biden Administration’s push to erode Second Amendment rights

Countering Biden Administration's push to erode Second Amendment rights

by SEN. MIKE CRAPO Contributing Writer | April 28, 2022 1:00 AM President Biden and Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco recently announced the nomination of Steve Dettelbach to serve as Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. They also used the opportunity to reiterate the Administration’s hard stance against so-called “ghost guns” and its efforts to extend firearms record-keeping requirements that risk establishing an unlawful gun registry. The Administration is using all of its tools, including circumventing the legislative process, to go after law-abiding gun owners and firearms vendors. I do not support more gun control. Burdening law-abiding citizens of this country with additional gun restrictions is not the answer to safeguarding the public. I continue to oppose all efforts to weaken Second Amendment rights. ATF Nomination — Steve Dettelbach’s nomination to lead the ATF is rightly concerning, as it would put a person who has voiced support for eroding Second Amendment rights in charge of the federal law enforcement agency responsible for enforcing gun laws. At President Biden’s direction, the ATF has begun broadening restrictions, including returning to the outrageous practice of repressing firearms licensees for de minimis grammatical errors in their record keeping. “Ghost Guns” — The Biden Administration has taken a hard stance against so-called “ghost guns”, or guns built from unserialized gun assembly kits. The ATF finalized rule 2021R-05, Definition of “Frame or Receiver” and Identification of Firearms, that would redefine firearm receivers in order to require them to have serial numbers. […]

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