County Reps Take Oath

LETTER from MARY ANNE WHELAN To Uphold State’s Laws To the Editor: Considerable attention is being paid to the anticipated request by county Rep. Rick Brockway, R-West Laurens, that the county board adopt a resolution declaring our county a “gun sanctuary,” by which is meant a declaration that the police need not enforce the state’s SAFE Act. This is, to begin with, an inappropriate request. As a county representative, Brockway took a signed and sworn oath to support the laws of the State of New York. If he can’t do that he should resign. Undermining law enforcement by supporting a declaration of “no need to enforce” a law is disrespectful to the state Constitution, to law enforcement and to the citizens law enforcement protects. The argument that the SAFE Act violates the Constitution is not valid. It has repeatedly been upheld in the state courts, and for that reason has never reached the U.S. Supreme Court. The Supreme Court, in turn, upholds the right of individuals to bear arms and also the right of states to regulate them. It is not an open-ended invitation for anyone, anywhere, in any state of mind, to possess any kind of firearm they choose to have and do with it whatever they want. Sadly, responsible gun ownership is not universal and cannot be left to individual decision-making. People leave guns where children can play with them, disaffected teenagers can readily get their hands on them and shoot schoolmates, and mentally impaired persons can […]

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