Courageous Conversations: The NRA’s Grip on Gun Rights

Courageous Conversations: The NRA's Grip on Gun Rights

SPRINGFIELD, Mo – And continuing our Courageous Conversation tonight on school security, our political analyst Dr. Brian Calfano looks at the NRA’s influence on the larger gun rights debate. As political interest groups go, the National Rifle Association or NRA is as powerful as they come. But why is this the case, especially when opinion polls show that a majority of Americans oppose many of the NRA’s policy views? We take a look. Not everyone supporting the second amendment is an NRA member, but they likely feel close to organization’s goals. Indeed, second amendment supporters are animated and engaged in defending their right to bear arms. Much of this is because of what historians claim is America’s "gun culture"-its fascination with guns as items to collect, protect, and, some would say, even protest with. For its part, the NRA encourages the view that this gun culture-part of America’s heritage-is under siege. And this can make any mention of gun control measures a non-starter for many. What powers the NRA’s dominance is the extent to which group supporters are committed to the single cause of holding the line on gun regulations, even when opponents raise objections in the name of school security. We asked local conservative talk show host nick reed on KSGF for his view on why a lot of his local listeners take the kind of stance that helps make the NRA so powerful. Reed says, "it’s two fold I find for some people. It’s philosophical or it […]

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