Critics blast ‘appalling’ speaker invited to ‘family-friendly’ Hillsborough gun rally

Critics blast 'appalling' speaker invited to 'family-friendly' Hillsborough gun rally

HILLSBOROUGH, NC (WTVD) — Saturday’s Orange County Second Amendment Rally is being advertised on Facebook as a family-friendly event, a chance to jumpstart a dialogue about guns. Critics got one look at the guest list and said they were beyond skeptical. They were appalled. "I hope about 300 people will attend," said rally co-organizer Ashley Campbell. "We may be quiet-but-law-abiding gun owners, there’s a lot of us here." She said she hopes to provide a platform for people to show their support for the Second Amendment and private gun ownership among residents in Orange County and beyond. "But also to do it in a way that would hopefully at the event and in the future help facilitate a dialogue between people with different views," Campbell said. The group Hillsborough Progressives Taking Action is denouncing the event. They say not because of the gun-rights slant but because of the list of invited speakers. Mark Robinson is the most well-known face scheduled to speak. He went viral in April when he addressed the Greensboro City Council over a debate on whether to cancel a gun show there. But Robinson’s Facebook posts have been blasted as hate speech. He called the teenage survivors turned activists of the Parkland massacre, "silly little immature media prosti-tots." And he posted a cover photo of a transgender child, describing it as "demonic." "Appalling, yes appalling that anyone would choose someone that has those views as their guest speaker to align themselves with," said Tina Partner of […]

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