CT delegation: Congress likely to pass Ethan’s Law on gun storage

CT delegation: Congress likely to pass Ethan's Law on gun storage

The parents of Ethan Song, a Guilford teenager who died from an accidental gunshot, joined Connecticut’s entire congressional delegation on Wednesday in resuming the fight to establish national firearms storage standards. U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal hopes that “Ethan’s Law,” requiring households with children under the age of 18 to lock all firearms, will be the first in a series of gun-safety measures that may become law now that both chambers of Congress and the White House are controlled by Democrats. Other measures include universal background checks and red-flag laws to remove weapons from dangerous people. “This political movement has really come of age,” Blumenthal told reporters during an online news conference . “To put it very simply, the grip of the gun lobby on Congress has been broken. We face a new day here when it comes to gun-violence prevention. This measure is the first in a series of common-sense steps, but it has powerful justification on its own.” In a rare joint news conference with all seven of Connecticut’s Congressional delegation — all of them Democrats — senators and House members alike said they are optimistic about Ethan’s Law, named for Ethan Song, 15, who accidentally shot himself at a neighbor’s house in 2018. Kristin and Mike Song, who succeeded in getting a similar law approved in the Connecticut General Assembly in 2019, started by showing a brief video of their son at different ages and stressed that gun safes and gun locks are public-health measures just like […]

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