Cypress-area gun club sets sights on female fellowship and empowerment

When faced with an empty nest a couple of years ago, Barbara Smith started looking for a new hobby, one that she might be able to share with her husband. “I knew he wasn’t going to scrapbook with me,” Smith said. “He likes to hunt and shoot.” So, she pulled the trigger and picked up a pistol. At first, she headed to the range with the guys, but soon missed the camaraderie of her female friends and could not find any willing to join her for the sport. Igor Volsky wants you to know this about gun laws in America: The gun reform advocate explained, “A couple of years ago, researchers collected data on school violence around the world. They mapped out every time someone was killed or a murder was attempted in a school. They discovered 57 incidents in 36 countries between 2000 and 2010. Now, half of those incidents — 28 — occurred in the United States. That means that we had more incidents of school violence with a gun than 40 countries combined. American teenagers are 82 times more likely to die from a gun homicide than their international peers. And for years, lawmakers in the country with the highest number of gun deaths on Earth have thrown up their hands and said they can’t do anything to solve the problem.” Volsky went on to say, “American scientists can’t apply for federal grants to study the impacts of gun violence. And there’s no registry of guns […]

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