Dahleen Glanton: She shot a robber with her legal gun — just as ‘concealed carry’ was intended

It is easy to hate guns. There’s not much about them to love — except when they save an innocent life. Though the U.S. Supreme Court has confirmed every law-abiding American’s right to own a firearm, most anti-gun people have never quite understood why anyone would want to walk around with one. Perhaps it was because they didn’t really want to understand it. On this politically polarizing issue, everyone has taken sides. People believe what they choose to believe about firearms, and they block out what anyone on the other side has to say. But a shooting happened early Tuesday at a bus stop on the far south side of Chicago that might prompt us to look at guns in a new light. I, too, am a public transportation rider. That could have been me waiting on a bus that morning. It could have been anyone. Video from a surveillance camera posted outside a store nearby shows a young woman standing underneath a bus shelter shortly before 6 a.m., apparently on her way to work. The video shows her waiting unsuspectingly for the bus to arrive. Then, for some reason, the camera stops recording. When it resumes, a young man is seen running away and the young woman getting up off the ground. Nineteen-year-old Laavion Goings Jr. pulled a gun and tried to rob the woman, authorities said. There was a struggle. But she managed to pull out her own .38-caliber handgun and shoot him in the chest. Goings […]

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