David Bossie: Ditch the filibuster and pass a radical agenda — here’s why Dems’ dream could backfire

David Bossie: Ditch the filibuster and pass a radical agenda -- here's why Dems' dream could backfire

Cruz warns Democrats will forever radically change America if filibuster killed 00:00 00:0009:35GO LIVE Facebook Twitter Email Embed SpeedNormal Autoplay The filibuster and the 60-vote threshold to invoke cloture are tried and tested measures in the U.S. Senate intended to "cool off" hot legislation that passes with a simple majority in the U.S. House. For decades these important rules have become precedent because they encourage what the Senate is historically known for, consensus building and bipartisan compromise. While at times a source of great frustration for the party in power — and for me personally — the filibuster has served our country well because it preserves rights for the minority party and limits the damage done by enacting legislation that creates unintended consequences that is detrimental to all Americans. This week, liberal Illinois Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin has been running point on the left’s latest effort to kill the legislative filibuster so they can pass their left-wing agenda. Durbin called the 60-vote rule a "mockery" that is holding the Senate "hostage." Nothing could be further from the truth. The American people did not vote for a radical agenda, one way or the other. To the contrary, the American people voted for consensus. President Biden was elected by just over 40,000 votes in three states; Democrats have a tiny five seat majority in the House; and the Senate is knotted at 50-50. ELIZABETH WARREN CLAIMS THE FILIBUSTER IS RACIST AMID CALLS TO ELIMINATE IT This scenario is the very reason […]

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