Defiance: Boulder's gun nannies told 'We will not comply'

Defiance: Boulder’s gun nannies told ‘We will not comply’

Gun Rights

A potentially significant Second Amendment battle is forming in Boulder, Colorado, where officials recently adopted a ban on a number of ordinary weapons. The ban effectively has made Jon Caldara, the president of the Denver-based, free-market think tank Independence Institute, a criminal, and he has declared he won’t comply. Meanwhile, the Mountain States Legal Foundation is suing the city for the ordinance, which requires owners to “certify” their “assault weapons,” as defined by the city. Otherwise, the weapons must be removed from the city or be destroyed. Violators face fines, confiscation and jail time. The foundation contends in a court brief that the city cannot “undermine the exercise of fundamental and unalienable rights and ignore the U.S. Constitution and controlling Supreme Court precedent.” Can the city, it asks, “ignore its state constitution and state law by infringing upon and criminalizing an individual’s unalienable and natural right to self-defense, and the right to keep and bear arms?” The Supreme Court has dismissed ordinances in Washington, D.C., and Chicago similar to Boulder’s, recognizing an individual right to bear arms. Boulder’s ordinance 8245 “banned the sale and possession of guns in the city defined as assault weapons in addition to bump stock devices and large magazines, and banned the sale and possession of weapons to anyone under age 21.” City officials, such as councilman Aaron Brockett, have bluntly stated their aim: “My hope is that we will see more bans … so these weapons will no longer be available.” Caldara noted in […]

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