De(ja)Vos: Education chief’s decision to ignore guns’ role in shootings echos Bush debacle

De(ja)Vos: Education chief's decision to ignore guns' role in shootings echos Bush debacle

Video games, mental health — the NRA-backed Trump administration will do anything to make sure guns don’t enter the school violence conversation. (Photo: Michael Reynolds, epa/EFE) Speaking before a Senate subcommittee, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced on Tuesday that the role of guns would not be a topic for the new federal commission on school violence as it begins holding public hearings. “So you are studying gun violence , but not considering the role of guns” remarked Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., reflecting the kind of dismay that countless Americans are likely feeling, especially the cadre of survivors of the Parkland massacre who have become outspoken advocates for gun control. As stunning as DeVos’s marks may be, we really shouldn’t be surprised. The White House has done its best to backpedal on President Trump’s initial post-Parkland promises to deal with guns after he received a strong rebuke from his friends and supporters in the NRA. More: Betsy DeVos immigration comments are a new low that could keep citizens out of school More: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos probably won’t be fired but she needs to resign To me, this seems like De(ja)Vos, a posture reminiscent of a similar case of gun-blindness during the George W. Bush administration. In October 2006, following a spate of school shootings in Wisconsin, Missouri , Colorado and Pennsylvania within the first few weeks of the academic year, President Bush, also a friend of the gun lobby, felt compelled to convene a White House Conference on […]

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