Democrats don’t want to toss Second Amendment

I know a lot of Democrats. Not just in Iowa. I haven’t heard one, ever, say they wanted to eliminate Second Amendment rights. Many say they favor laws that limit access to the types of weapons that have been used in mass killings of innocent, law-abiding citizens (children, worshippers, concertgoers, shoppers, etc.) I’m sick of hearing accusations of Democrats wanting to eliminate the Second Amendment. I am especially incensed that Rep. Ashley Hinson referred to President Biden’s executive action to limit stabilizing braces and ghost guns, as making “millions of lawful gun owners criminals.” Even The Gazette gave Hinson a “D” (April 24) for her assertions. It’s clear that she has no interest in considering the variety of viewpoints among her constituents, rather only those of NRA supporters. Media reports COVID numbers, and plane crashes that kill 3 people, but doesn’t report daily gun deaths, another epidemic. Also, none of my Democratic acquaintances want to “defund” the police, but rather look at how resources might be reallocated for overall community health. And it wasn’t Democrats who lied about a lawful democratic process, and stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6. Our democracy protects peaceful protests of injustices, not violence. Let’s work together on improvement, not insurrection. Jo Ann McNiel Cedar Rapids

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