Democrats’ public gun registry bill blasted as ‘frightening,’ ‘anti-police’

Democrats' public gun registry bill blasted as 'frightening,' ‘anti-police’

Proposed new bill would create national firearm registry, require licenses 00:00 00:0003:19GO LIVE Facebook Twitter Email Embed SpeedNormal Autoplay Law enforcement officers are warning there are dangerous risks associated with a Democratic-sponsored proposal to create a public gun registry . Kevin Hassett, president of the Retired Police Association of the State of New York, told Fox News that the bill is a "gross intrusion on your rights and your protections." Hassett, who is a former police officer, said a public gun registry presents significant risks for retired law enforcement officers like him, and he went so far as to deem the legislation "anti-police." "What good is it for someone who I may have arrested to finally find where I live, see how many guns I have? To what end?" Hassett asked. "How does that stop illegal firearms? How does that stop shootings?" T.J. McDermott, a retired detective, echoed similar concerns, which he characterized as "downright frightening." "We’ve become a society where it’s easy to vilify [the police]," McDermott told Fox News. "[Now they’re] turning police into victims." Both Hassett and McDermott doubted that a public gun registry – or even increased firearm ownership regulations – would deter criminals who blatantly violate the law. "How does a national gun registry prevent shootings?" Hassett asked. "Criminals don’t register their guns … there will always be people who don’t comply with the law." McDermott added that a registry would even help criminals find firearms, by requiring law-abiding citizens to register details including […]

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