Dems' Gun Control Narrative Is a Flop – And It's a Win For 2A Advocates

Dems’ Gun Control Narrative Is a Flop – And It’s a Win For 2A Advocates

Gun Rights

One of the Democrats’ first major moves of the new Congress was introducing major gun control legislation . Now that they have control of the House, anti-gunners feel confident they can pass universal background checks and red flag laws. Our only hope in blocking these bills: the Republicans in the Senate (and even there, some have been wishy-washy on their support for the Second Amendment). Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) wanted to testify before the House Judiciary Committee about HR 8 and why he believed the bill would have done nothing to stop the Congressional baseball shooting that left him wounded. Naturally, Democrats denied him from testifying, which forced him to write a scathing letter with his testimony. Even after his powerful words and insight as a gun violence survivor, Democrats continue to move full steam ahead. Last month, Rep. Richard Hudson reintroduced the highly anticipated Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, which would make states recognize each other’s concealed carry permits. As it currently stands, gun owners have to know where their permit is valid and what states reciprocate or "approve" of the permit. It’s something Scalise desperately wanted to talk to the Committee about, but they weren’t hearing it. Hudson slammed the Democrats for not taking adequate actions to prevent gun violence. “Democrats aren’t interested in talking about common sense solutions that can actually help prevent gun violence—like supporting local law enforcement, ensuring laws and protocols are followed to spot warning signs, improving mental health care and implementing national concealed […]

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